My NBA Depth Charts, Part 1

These are my judgments on how a team’s minutes should be divided based on salary and Win Shares per 48 minutes, in reverse order of importance (which explains why Joe Johnson’s only playing 20 minutes a game).  Because of the many teams, this will be done in installments.


PG Jeff Teague (30), Jerry Stackhouse (12), Jannero Pargo (6)

SG  Joe Johnson (20), Willie Green (15), Tracy McGrady (12), Jerry Stackhouse (1)

SF Marvin Williams (31), Vladimir Radmanovic (13), Ivan Johnson (4)

PF Josh Smith (28), Vladimir Radmanovic (15), Ivan Johnson (5)

C  Zaza Pachulia (32), Erick Dampier (10), Josh Smith (6)

Inactive: Jason Collins (injured), Kirk Hinrich (It’s great he’s on an expiring deal!)

Minute Division: Josh Smith (34), Zaza Pachulia (32), Marvin Williams (31), Jeff Teague (30), Vladimir Radmanovic (28), Joe Johnson (20), Willie Green (15), Jerry Stackhouse (13), Tracy McGrady (12), Erick Dampier (10), Ivan Johnson (9), Jannero Pargo (6)

GM’s Note: You might just be a decent player away from being a contender.  Do not mess this up, but try to unload Joe Johnson’s albatross contract.


PG Rajon Rondo (36), E’Twaum Moore (7), Avery Bradley (5)

SG Ray Allen (34), Mickael Pietrus (11), Avery Bradley (3)

SF Paul Pierce (35), Mickael Pietrus (10), JaJuan Johnson (3)

PF Kevin Garnett (30), Brandon Bass (15), JaJuan Johnson (2), Jermaine O’Neal (1)

C Chris Wilcox (18), Jermaine O’Neal (12), Greg Stiemsma (11), JaJuan Johnson (4), Brandon Bass (3)

Inactive: Sasha Pavlovic, Keyon Dooling, Marquis Daniels (all expiring!)

Minute Division: Rajon Rondo (36), Paul Pierce (35), Ray Allen (34), Kevin Garnett (30), Mickael Pietrus (21), Brandon Bass (18), Chris Wilcox (18), Jermaine O’Neal (12), Greg Stiemsma (11), JaJuan Johnson (9), Avery Bradley (8), E’Twaum Moore (7)

GM’s Note: You have a glut of big men and a shortage of wings.  Try swapping the two, but when you do, keep Stiemsma; he’s cheap and vastly underrated.


PG D.J. Augustin (25), Kemba Walker (23)

SG Gerald Henderson (25), Reggie Williams (23)

SF Derrick Brown (30), Boris Diaw (10), Corey Maggette (8)

PF D.J. White (22), Eduardo Najera (20), Boris Diaw (3), Tyrus Thomas (3)

C B.J. Mullens (32), Tyrus Thomas (16)

Inactive: DeSagana Diop (major albatross), Matt Caroll (major albatross), Cory Higgins

Minutes Division: B.J. Mullens (32), Derrick Brown (30), D.J. Augustin (25), Gerald Henderson (25), Kemba Walker (23), Reggie Williams (23), D.J. White (22), Eduardo Najera (20), Tyrus Thomas (19), Boris Diaw (13), Corey Maggette (8)

GM’s Note: You have no remotely average players.  This is a disaster.  Cut bait!


PG Derrick Rose (31), C.J. Watson (11), John Lucas (6)

SG Kyle Korver (20), Ronnie Brewer (15), C.J. Watson (10), John Lucas (2), Richard Hamilton (1)

SF Luol Deng (30), Jimmy Butler (14), Richard Hamilton (4)

PF Carlos Boozer (27), Taj Gibson (19), Omer Asik (2)

C  Joakim Noah (31), Omer Asik (17)

Inactive: Brian Scalabrine

Minutes Division: Derrick Rose (31), Joakim Noah (31), Luol Deng (30), Carlos Boozer (27),  C.J. Watson (21), Kyle Korver (20), Taj Gibson (19), Omer Asik (19), Ronnie Brewer (15), Jimmy Butler (14), John Lucas (8), Richard Hamilton (5)

GM’s Note: You have an awesome problem to have; too many good (and great) players.  Don’t mess this up!  However, Rip is an albatross.


PG Kyrie Irving (34), Ramon Sessions (10), Daniel Gibson (4)

SG Ramon Sessions (20), Daniel Gibson (11), Alonzo Gee (10), Anthony Parker (7)

SF Alonzo Gee (24), Omri Casspi (18), Anthony Parker (6)

PF Antwan Jamison (34), Tristan Thompson (14)

C Semi Erden (28), Tristan Thompson (12), Ryan Hollins (8)

Inactive: Luke Harangody, Samardo Samuels, Anderson Varejao (injured)

Minutes Division: Kyrie Irving (34), Antwan Jamison (34), Alonzo Gee (34), Ramon Sessions (30), Tristan Thompson (26), Omri Casspi (18), Daniel Gibson (15), Anthony Parker (13), Ryan Hollins (8)

GM’s Note: Hope Anderson Varejao’s still good when he comes back, make Kyrie untradeable, and try to figure everyone else out.  There is no way a playoff team plays Alonzo Gee and Tristan Thompson major minutes, but your lack of a shooting guard and a decent center are all extremely detrimental.  Thompson and Gee play a lot because they can play two positions; that’s all.  Get help.


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