My NBA Depth Charts, Part 2

This is a continuation of yesterday’s post on my revisions of NBA depth charts.


PG Rodrigue Beaubois (26), Jason Kidd (22), Dominique Jones (0)

SG Delonte West (24), Jason Terry (20), Vince Carter (4), Dominique Jones (0)

SF Vince Carter (25), Shawn Marion (22), Brandan Wright (1), Lamar Odom (0)

PF Dirk Nowitzki (29), Brandan Wright (17), Shawn Marion (2), Lamar Odom (0)

C Ian Mahinmi (26), Brendan Haywood (20), Brandan Wright (1), Dirk Nowitzki (1)

Inactive: Yi Jianlin, Brian Cardinal, Sean Williams (all cheap, two expiring)

Minutes Division: Dirk Nowtizki (30), Vince Carter (29), Rodrigue Beaubois (26), Ian Mahinmi (26), Shawn Marion (24), Delonte West (24), Jason Kidd (22), Jason Terry (20), Brendan Haywood (20), Brandan Wright (19), Lamar Odom (0), Dominique Jones (0)

GM’s Note: Again, this is a team with too many good players.  However, this team really only runs ten-deep; try trading picks/overrated scrubs for one more decent player to give everyone else a rest.


PG Ty Lawson (31), Andre Miller (13), Arron Afflalo (4)

SG Arron Afflalo (21), Corey Brewer (14), Rudy Fernandez (13)

SF Danilo Gallinari (34), Corey Brewer (7), Rudy Fernandez (7)

PF Kenneth Faried (27), Chris Andersen (21), Al Harrington (0)

C Kosta Koufos (26), Nene (21), Chris Andersen (1)

Inactive: Julyan Stone (good, but other guys get paid more), Timofey Mozgov (overpriced), Jordan Hamilton

Minutes Dvision: Danilo Gallinari (34), Ty Lawson (31), Kenneth Faried (27),  Kosta Koufos (26), Arron Afflalo (26), Chris Andersen (22), Nene (21), Corey Brewer (21), Rudy Fernandez (20), Andre Miller (13), Al Harrington (0)

GM’s Note: Only Hamilton is a fundamentally bad player.  Jettison Miller so that you can put Julyan Stone on the active roster.  Jettison Harrington so that you have a good excuse to give Faried, Andersen, and Koufos minutes.


PG Rodney Stuckey (34), Damien Wilkens (8), Brandon Knight (6)

SG Tayshaun Prince (22), Brandon Knight (20), Ben Gordon (6)

SF Jonas Jerebko (33), Tayshaun Prince (8), Ben Gordon (7), Austin Daye (0)

PF Greg Monroe (34), Jason Maxiell (9), Vernan Macklin (5) Charlie Villanueva (0)

C  Ben Wallace (29), Charlie VIllanueva (15), Greg Monroe (2), Vernon Macklin (2)

Inactive: Walker Russell, Jr. (expiring), Will Bynum (minor albatross)

Minutes Division: Greg Monroe (36), Rodney Stuckey (34), Jonas Jerebko (33), Tayshaun Prince (30), Ben Wallace (29), Brandon Knight (26), Charlie Villanueva (15), Ben Gordon (13), Jason Maxiell (9), Damien Wilkins (8), Vernon Macklin (7), Austin Daye (0)

GM’s Note: You need to get help for Greg Monroe.  Jonas Jerebko is underrated, so you will probably want to hold on to him.  Tayshaun Prince, who is desperately overrated, is good trade bait, as are Brandon Knight and (to some degree) Ben Gordon.

Golden St.

PG Stephen Curry (33), Nate Robinson (11), Charles Jenkins (4)

SG Brandon Rush (25), Monta Elllis (20), Klay Thompson (2), Nate Robinson (1)

SF Dorell Wright (28), Chris Wright (12), Klay Thompson (8)

PF David Lee (30), Jeremy Tyler (12), Ekpe Udoh (6)

C  Andris Biedrins (30), Ekpe Udoh (18)

Inactive: Kwame Brown (injured, expiring albatross), Dominic McGuire (expiring)

Minutes Division: Stephen Curry (33), David Lee (30), Andris Biedrins (30), Dorell Wright (28), Brandon Rush (25), Ekpe Udoh (24), Monta Ellis (20), Nate Robinson (12) Jeremy Tyler (12), Chris Wright (12), Nate Robinson (11), Klay Thompson (10), Charles Jenkins (4)

GM’s Note: You should trade the vastly overrated Monta Ellis in exchange for fringe starters/solid reserves.  If you do, you have a fair shot at making the playoffs.  If not, your shot is negligible.


PG Kyle Lowry (35), Goran Dragic (9), Courtney Lee (4)

SG Kevin Martin (29), Courtney Lee (19)

SF Chase Budinger (31), Chandler Parsons (15), Terrence Williams (2)

PF Patrick Patterson (28), Luis Scola (12), Greg Smith (5), Marcus Morris (3)

C Samuel Dalembert (34), Luis Scola (7), Greg Smith (5), Marcus Morris (2)

Inactive: Jordan Hill (injured), Jonny Flynn (albatross), Hasheem Thabeet (injured albatross)

Minutes Division: Kyle Lowry (35), Samuel Dalembert (34), Chase Budinger (31), Kevin Martin (29), Patrick Patterson (28), Courtney Lee (23), Luis Scola (19), Chandler Parsons (15), Greg Smith (10), Goran Dragic (9), Marcus Morris (5), Terrence Williams (2)

GM’s Note: Hope and pray that Jordan Hill has not lost a step to injury.  Be careful who you trade.  Get a superstar if possible (like Pau Gasol), in exchange for Budinger/Parsons, picks, and Scola’s skeleton. (Some team will think Scola’s career can be resurrected, which it might, and get stuck with his massive contract.)

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