My NBA Depth Charts, Part 3

This the third segment of my analysis of NBA depth charts.


PG George Hill (25), Darren Collison (18), A.J. Price (5)

SG Paul George (28), Dahntay Jones (12), George Hill (6), Lance Stephenson (2)

SF Danny Granger (30), Dahntay Jones (10), Paul George (4), Lance Stephenson (4)

PF David West (28), Tyler Hansbrough (19), Louis Amundson (1)

C  Roy Hibbert (28), Jeff Foster (19), Tyler Hansbrough (1)

Inactive: Jeff Pendergraph

Minutes Division: Paul George (32), George Hill (31), Danny Granger (30), Roy Hibbert (28), David West (28), Dahntay Jones (22), Tyler Hansbrough (20), Jeff Foster (19), Darren Collison (18), Lance Stephenson (6), A.J. Price (5), Louis Amundson (1)

GM’s Note: This team needs a superstar.  They have plenty of frontcourt depth; they should exchange it for a star point guard.  This would slide George Hill into his more natural postition at shooting guard, where he and Paul George would split time.  George would also split with Granger, and you would be able to give Roy Hibbert (if you keep him) more minutes.


PG Chris Paul (36), Mo Williams (7), Eric Bledsoe (5)

SG Mo Williams (25), Randy Foye (17), Travis Leslie (6)

SF Caron Butler (26), Bobby Simmons (19), Ryan Gomes (3)

PF Blake Griffin (32), Reggie Evans (10), Kenyon Martin (6)

C  DeAndre Jordan (34), Kenyon Martin (9), Reggie Evans (5)

Inactive: Chauncey Billups (injured, expiring), Trey Thompkins, Brian Cook (expiring)

Minutes Division: Chris Paul (36), DeAndre Jordan (34), Blake Griffin (32), Mo Williams (32), Caron Butler (26), Bobby Simmons (19), Randy Foye (17), Kenyon Martin (15), Reggie Evans (15), Travis Leslie (6), Eric Bledsoe (5), Ryan Gomes (3)

GM’s Note: Depth, especially at shooting guard and center, is a bit short.  Caron Butler is overrated.  Blake Griffin is overrated.  Mo Williams is overratted.  That’s all I have to say.


PG Steve Blake (26), Derek Fisher (20), Andrew Goudelock (2)

SG Kobe Bryant (36), Andrew Goudelock (12)

SF Matt Barnes (30), Metta World Peace (6), Troy Murphy (6), Luke Walton (4), Jason Kapono (2)

PF Pau Gasol (34), Troy Murphy (12), Josh McRoberts (2)

C  Andrew Bynum (35), Josh McRoberts (11), Pau Gasol (2)

Inactive: Devin Ebanks, Darius Morris (both expiring),

Minutes Division:  Kobe Bryant (36), Pau Gasol (36), Andrew Bynum (35), Matt Barnes (30), Steve Blake (26), Derek Fisher (20), Troy Murphy (18), Andrew Goudelock (14), Josh McRoberts (13), Metta World Peace (6), Luke Walton (4), Luke Walton (2)

GM’s Note: You have no point guard.  You have hardly any depth.  You have way too many small forwards who cannot play other positions.  Kobe is chucking up shots like crazy.  Still, they are in fourth place.  However, they cannot get complacent; this is a disaster waiting to happen.


PG Mike Conley (33), O.J. Mayo (10), Josh Selby (5)

SG Tony Allen (27), O.J. Mayo (14), Quincy Pondexter (7)

SF Rudy Gay (29), Quincy Pondexter (10), Tony Allen (5), Sam Young (4)

PF Dante Cunningham (29), Marreese Speights (19)

C  Marc Gasol (34), Marreese Speights (7), Hamed Had$adi (7)

Inactive: Zach Randolph (injured), Darrell Arthur (injured), Jeremy Pargo

Minutes Division: Marc Gasol (34), Mike Conley (33), Tony Allen (32), Rudy Gay (29), Dante Cunngingham (29), Marreese Speights (26), O.J. Mayo (24), Quincy Pondexter (17), Hamed Haddadi (7), Josh Selby (5), Sam Young (4)

GM’s Note: Apparently, Gasol brother + basketball = too many smal forwards.  This a very good team, but its backcourt depth is a little weak.  Since O.J. Mayo is overrated, maybe a two for the price of one deal could work.


PG Mario Chalmers (34), Norris Cole (8), LeBron James (6)

SG Dwayne Wade (35), Mike Miller (9), James Jones (4), Terrel Harris (0)

SF LeBron James (30), James Jones (9), Shane Battier (5), Mike Miller (4)

PF Chris Bosh (34), Shane Battier (10), Udonis Haslem (10)

C Joel Anthony (25), Udonis Haslem (15), Dexter Pittman (8)

Inactive: Mickell Gladness, Eddy Curry, Juwan Howard (all expiring)

Minutes Division:  LeBron James (36), Dwayne Wade (35), Chris Bosh (34), Mario Chalmers (34), Joel Anthony (30), Joel Anthony (25), Udonis Haslem (25), Shane Battier (15), Mike Miller (13), James Jones (13), Norris Cole (8), Dexter Pittman (8)

GM’s Note: I did not believe this was possible, but Miami is extremely deep!  Unfortunately, they have too many wings and no center.  They could work on that.


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