NBA Depth Charts, Part 4

This is the fourth installment of my revised NBA depth charts.  I hope you enjoy.


PG Brandon Jennings (30), Shaun Livingston (11), Beno Udrih (7)

SG Mike Dunleavy (30), Carlos Delfino (9), Shaun Livingston (9)

SF Ersan Ilyasova (27), Luc Mbah a Moute (15), Mike Dunleavy (3), Carlos Delfino (3)

PF Jon Leuer (24), Drew Gooden (12), Tobias Harris (8), Ersan Ilvaysova (2), Luc Mbah a Moute (2), Larry Sanders (0), Jon Brockman (0)

C Drew Gooden (20), Tobias Harris (18), Jon Leuer (7), Larry Sanders (3), Jon Brockman (0)

Inactive: Stephen Jackson (injured, albatross), Andrew Bogut (injured)

Minutes Division: Drew Gooden (32), Jon Leuer (31), Brandon Jennings (30), Mike Dunleavy (30), Ersan Ilyasova (29), Tobias Harris (26), Shaun Livingston (20), Luc Mbah a Moute (17), Carlos Delfino (12), Beno Udrih (7), Lary Sanders (3), Jon Brockman (0)

GM’s Note: Exchange frontcourt depth for frontcourt players.  Teams (falsely) assume that Stephen Jackson has some value, and Andrew Bogut is overrated and a major injury problem.


PG Luke Ridnour (24), Ricky Rubio (19), Jose Barea (5)

SG Martell Webster (28), Jose Barea (10), Wayne Ellington (10)

SF Derrick Williams (30), Michael Beasley (13), Martell Webster (5)

PF Kevin Love (32), Anthony Randolph (8), Derrick Williams (3), Anthony Tolliver (3), Nikola Pekovic (2), Darko Milicic (0)

C Nikola Pekovic (30), Anthony Randolph (12), Anthony Tolliver (6), Darko Milicic (0)

Inactive: Wesley Johnson, Brad Miller (both minor albatrosses)

Minutes Division: Derrick Williams (33), Martell Webster (33), Kevin Love (32), Nikola Pekovic (32), Luke Ridnour (24), Anthony Randolph (20), Ricky Rubio (19), Jose Barea (15), Michael Beasley (13), Wayne Ellington (10), Anthony Tolliver (9), Darko Milicic (0)

GM’s Note: You want to try to get some depth on the wings without sacrificing too much.  Michael Beasley is a really good player to shop; he will not get you much, but he will get you something, at the very least “addition by subtraction.”

New Jersey

PG Deron Williams (26), Jordan Farmar (22), DeShawn Stevenson (0)

SG Sundiata Gaines (26), MarShon Brooks (20), Anthony Morrow (2), Andre Emmett (0)

SF Anthony Morrow (32), Sundiata Gaines (8), Andre Emmett (8)

PF Kris Humphries (32), Shelden Williams (8), Jordan Williams (8)

C Brook Lopez (32), Jordan Williams (7), Shelden Williams (7), Johan Petro (2)

Inactive: Mehmet Okur (injured, algatross), Shawne Williams (injured, expiring), Damion James (injured), Gerald Green (expiring)

Minutes Division: Anthony Morrow (34), Sundiata Gaines (34), Brook Lopez (32), Kris Humphries (32), Deron Williams (26), Jordan Farmar (22), MarShon Brooks (20), Shelden Williams (15), Jordan Williams (15), Andre Emmett (8), Johan Petro (2), DeShawn Stevenson (0)

GM”s Note: You need to get more wings really badly.  You could get some good value for the overrated Deron Williams, as you also need a superstar.

New Orleans

PG Jarret Jack (29), Greivis Vasquez (19)

SG Marco Belinelli (24), Xavier Henry (18), Trevor Ariza (6), Donald Sloan (0)

SF Trevor Ariza (23), Lance Thomas (22), Al-Farouq Aminu (3)

PF  Solomon Jones (34), Lance Thomas (6), Chris Kaman (6)

C  Gustavo Ayon (34), Chris Kaman (14), Solomon Jones (0)

Inactive: Carl Landry (injured, expiring), Emeka Okafor (injured), Eric Gordon (injured, expiring), Jason Smith (injured)

Minutes Division: Gustavo Ayon (34), Solomon Jones (34), Trevor Ariza (29), Jarret Jack (29), Lance Thomas (28), Marco Bellinelli (24), Chris Kaman (20), Greivis Vasquez (19), Xavier Henry (18), Al-Farouq Aminu (3), Donald Sloan (0)

GM”s Note: Your only real option is to hope and pray your bigs get healthy and Eric Gordon lives up to the hype when he comes back.

New York

PG Jeremy Lin (34), Iman Shumpert (8), J.R. Smith (6), Mike Bibby (0)

SG Steve Novak (27), Landry Fields (11), J.R. Smith (10), Iman Shumpert (0)

SF Carmelo Anthony (28), Landry Fields (15), Steve Novak (5)

PF Amare Stoudemire (21), Jared Jeffries (18), Josh Harrellson (9)

C  Tyson Chandler (32), Josh Harrellson (8), Jerome Jordan (5), Amare Stoduemire (3)

Inactive: Toney Douglas, Baron Davis (expiring), Bill Walker (injured, expiring)

Minutes Division: Jeremy Lin (34), Tyson Chandler (32), Steve Novak (32) Carmelo Anthony (28), Landry Fields (26), Amare Stoudemire (24), Jared Jeffries (18), Josh Harrellson (17), J.R. Smith (16), Iman Shumpert (8), Jerome Jordan (5), Mike Bibby (0)

GM’s Note: This team is ten-deep, but this is not a perfect situation.  Melo and Amare are overrated; deal them while they still have value.


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