My NBA Depth Charts, Part 5

This is my fifth installment of my depth chart revisions.

Oklahoma City

PG Russell Westbrook (34), Reggie Jackson (8), Royal Ivey (8), Daequan Cook (6)

SG James Harden (36), Daequan Cook (10), Royal Ivey (2)

SF Kevin Durant (36), Lazar Hayward (8), Daequan Cook (4)

PF Serge Ibaka (32), Nick Collison (16)

C Cole Aldrich (20), Nazr Mohammed (18), Kendrick Perkins (10), Nick Collison (0)

Inactive: Thabe Sefolosha (injured), Eric Maynor (injured), Ryan Reid (cheap)

MInutes Division: Kevin Durant (36), James Harden (36), Russell Westbrook (34), Serge Ibaka (32), Daequan Cook (20), Cole Aldrich (20), Nazr Mohammed (18), Nick Collison (16), Kendrick Perkins (10), Royal Ivey (8), Reggie Jackson (8), Lazar Hayward (8)

GM’s Note: This a great team, but they to add more backcourt depth.  Their depth in general is not great, but they might want to dangle Russell Westbrook in front of people in order to obtain a bounty of guards.


PG Jameer Nelson (26), Chris Duhon (22)

SG J.J. Redick (32), Jason Richardson (16), DeAndre Liggins (0)

SF Hedo Turkoglu (23), Quentin Richardson (20), Jason Richardson (5)

PF Ryan Anderson (36), Glen Davis (9), Daniel Orton (3)

C Dwight Howard (36), Daniel Orton (10), Glen Davis (2)

Inactive: Justin Harper (cheap), Ishmael Smith (cheap, expiring)

Minutes Division: Dwight Howard (36), Ryan Anderson (36), J.J. Redick (32), Jameer Nelson (26), Hedo Turkoglu (23), Chris Duhon (22), Jason Richardson (21), Quentin Richardson (20), Daniel Orton (13), Glen Davis (11), DeAndre Liggins (0)

GM’s Note: This is a play-off team, but it will probably exit early.  There is next to no way Dwight Howard stays with the Magic.


PG Louis Williams (33), Jrue Holliday (15)

SG Thaddeus Young (28), Jodie Meeks (13), Evan Turner (7)

SF Andre Iguodala (32), Evan Turner (7), Jodie Meeks (5), Thaddeus  Young (4), Andres Nocioni (0)

PF Elton Brand (26), Lavoy Allen (22), Craig Brackins (0)

C Nikola Vucevic (33), Tony Battie (12), Elton Brand (3)

Inactive: Craig Brackins, Francisco Elson (cheap), Spencer Hawes (injured, expiring)

Minutes Division: Louis Williams (33), Nikola Vucevic (33), Andre Iguodala (32), Thaddeus Young (32), Elton Brand (29), Lavoy Allen (22), Jodie Meeks (18), Jrue Holliday (15), Evan Turner (14), Tony Battie (12), Andres Nocioni (0), Craig Brackins (0)

GM’s Note: This team is set, especially with Hawes coming back soon.  I would be ecstatic if I had this roster.


PG Steve Nash (36), Shannon Brown (4), Ronnie Price (4), Michael Redd (4)

SG Josh Childress (31), Grant Hill (10), Shannon Brown (4), Michael Redd (3)

SF Jared Dudley (35), Hakim Warrick (9), Grant Hill (4)

PF Marcin Gortat (34), Channing Frye (8), Markieff Morris (5), Hakim Warrick (1)

C  Robin Lopez (25), Channing Frye (20), Markieff Morris (3)

Inactive: Sebastian Telfair

Minutes Division: Steve Nash (36), Jared Dudley (35), Marcin Gortat (34), Josh Childress (31), Channing Frye (28), Robin Lopez (25), Grant Hill (14), Hakim Warrick (10), Shannon Brown (8), Markieff Morris (8), Michael Redd (7), Ronnie Price (4)

GM’s Note: The good news here is that the starting line-up is not terrible.  The bad news is that you have hardly any depth whatsoever (Channing Frye, Markieff Morris, and Hakim Warrick just won’t cut it).  Luckily, Shannon Brown, Grant Hill, and Michael Redd are overrated; you can still make a move to put you in the play-off chase.


PG Elliot Williams (30), Raymond Felton (12), Armon Johnson (6)

SG Wesley Matthews (26), Jamal Crawford (22)

SF Nicolas Batum (26), Gerald Wallace (22), Wesley Matthews (0)

PF LaMarcus Aldridge (27), Gerald Wallace (6), Marcus Camby (6), Craig Smith (5), Kurt Thomas (4)

C  Marcus Camby (21), Craig Smith (14), Joel Pryzbilla (10), Kurt Thomas (3)

Inactive: Nolan Smith, Luke Babbitt, Chris Johnson (expiring)

Minutes Division: Elliot Williams (30), Gerald Wallace (28), LaMarcus Aldridge (27), Marcus Camby (27), Nicolas Batum (26), Wesley Matthews (26), Jamal Crawford (22), Chris Smith (19), Raymond Felton (12), Joel Pryzbilla (10), Kurt Thomas (7), Armon Johnson (6)

GM’s Note: Despite being in need of a point guard, I am inclined to think that this team is in preetty good shape.  If you can turn some of their excess frontcourt depth into a quality point, they will be very successful.


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