My NBA Depth Charts, Part 6

This is the final installment of my NBA depth charts series.  I hope you have enjoyed them, and that you return to my site to read my future posts.  I apologize for the long wait in between installments; I’ve been busy.


PG Isaiah Thomas (33), Tyreke Evans (12), Jimmer Fredette (3)

SG Marcus Thornton (34), Francisco Garcia (14)

SF Tyreke Evans (22), Donte Greene (18), Francisco Garcia (5), Tyler Honeycutt (3) John Salmons (0)

PF Jason Thompson (34), Chuck Hayes (12), Donte Greene (2)

C  DeMarcus Cousins (34), Chuck Hayes (8), Hassan Whiteside (8)

Inactive: J.J. Hickson (expiring), Travis Outlaw (albatross)

Minutes Division: DeMarcus Cousins (34), Tyreke Evans (34), Marcus Thornton (34), Jason Thomapson (34), Isaiah Thomas (34), Donte Greene (20), Chuck Hayes (20), Francisco Garcia (19),  Hassan Whiteside (8), Jimmer Fredette (3), Tyler Honeycutt (3), John Salmons (0)

GM’s Note: Somebody needs to blow this team up and start over.  Luckily, Cousins, Thornton, Evans, Fredette, and possibly Thompson are all vastly overrated; you have some real trade “value”.

San Antonio

PG Tony Parker (34), Gary Neal (8), T.J. Ford (6)

SG Manu Ginobli (32), Danny Green (10), Gary Neal (6), James Anderson (0)

SF Matt Bonner (20), Kawhi Leonard (18), Richard Jefferson (6), Danny Green (4)

PF Tiago Splitter (25), DeJuan Blair (17), Kawhi Leonard (3), Richard Jefferson (2), Matt Bonner (1)

C  Tim Duncan (32), DeJuan Blair (5), Matt Bonner (5), Tiago Splitter (3), Kawhi Leonard (3)

Inactive: Cory Joseph, Eric Dawson (expiring)

Minutes Division: Tony Parker (34), Tim Duncan (32), Manu Ginobli (32), Tiago Splitter (28), Matt Bonner (26), Kawhi Leonard (24), DeJuan Blair (22), Danny Green (14), Gary Neal (14), Richard Jefferson (8), T.J. Ford (6), James Anderson (0)

GM’s Note: This a great team, with Richard Jefferson as a possible trade piece for value and albatrosses.


PG Jose Calderon (33), Jerryd Bayless (11), Anthony Carter (4)

SG  Jerryd Bayless (20), Leandro Barbosa (12), DeMar DeRozan (6)

SF Linas Kleiza (30), DeMar DeRozan (9), Gary Forbes (9)

PF Amir Johnson (22), Ed Davis (16), James Johnson (10)

C  Andrea Bargnani (30), Aaron Gray (8), Ed Davis (8), James Johnson (2)

Inactive: Jamaal Magloire (cheap, expiring), Rasual Butler (cheap, expiring), Solomon Alabi (cheap)

Minutes Division: Jose Calderon (33), Jerryd Bayless (31), Andrea Bargnani (30), Linas Kleiza (30), Ed Davis (24), Amir Johnson (22)DeMar DeRozan (15), Leandro Barbosa (12), James Johnson (12), Gary Forbes (9), Aaron Gray (8), Anthony Carter (4)

GM’s Note: You have several players who might be overrated, such as Barbosa, Kleiza, and DeRozan.  You are in need of a good wing; use your trade pieces.


PG Devin Harris (31), C.J. Miles (17), Earl Watson (0)

SG Raja Bell (23), Alec Burks (20), C.J. Miles (5)

SF Gordon Hayward (25), Jeremy Evans (19), Alec Burks (4), Josh Howard (0)

PF Paul Millsap (34), Derrick Favors (10), Al Jefferson (4)

C  Al Jefferson (28), Enes Kanter (18), Derrick Favors (2)

Inactive:  Jamaal Tinsley, DeMarre Carroll (cheap)

Minutes Division: Paul Millsap (34), Al Jefferson (32) Devin Harris (31), Gordon Hayward (25), Alec Burks (24), Raja Bell (23), C.J. Miles (22), Jeremy Evans (19),  Enes Kanter (18), Derrick Favors (12), Josh Howard (0), Earl Watson (0)

GM”s Note: People still think Josh Howard, C.J. Miles, and Derrick Favors have a lot of value.  If you get an overwhelming package for Favors, do not hesitate; for the others, anything even will be good.


PG John Wall (28), Shelvin Mack (20), Jordan Crawford (0)

SG Roger Mason (26), Nick Young (21), Maurice Evans (1)

SF Trevor Booker (30), Chris Singleton (14), Maurice Evans (4), Jan Vesely (0)

PF Kevin Seraphin (34), Andray Blatche (5), JaVale McGee (5), Trevor Booker (4)

C  JaVale McGee (26), Andray Blatche (22)

Inactive: Ronny Turiaf (expiring, injured), Rashard Lewis (injured, king of albatrosses)

Minutes Division: Trevor Booker (34), Kevin Seraphin (34), JaVale McGee (31), John Wall (28), Andray Blatche (27), Roger Mason (26), Nick Young (21), Shelvin Mack (20), Chris Singleton (14), Maurice Evans (5), Jan Vesely (0), Jordan Crawford (0)

GM’s Note: You know you have a problem when a sub-zero player is playing twenty-six minutes a game.  Luckily, everyone other than Booker, Seraphin, and Mason is vastly overrated; you could fleece a lot of people if you’re not afraid to pull the trigger!


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