A Few Reasons Why a Michael Beasley-to-the-Lakers Trade Would Be Stupid

There are some trade rumors looming about the Lakers of a three-team trade where Michael Beasley would go to the Lakers, Jamal Crawford would go to Minnesota, and Luke Ridnour and a Lakers first round pick would go to Portland.

Here are a handful of statistics that indicate that Michael Beasley should not go to the Lakers:

  1. Win Shares/48: .057
  2. Wins Produced/48: .024
  3. Despite those terrible stats, Usage Rate: 24.7
  4. True Shooting Percentage: 51.1% (2oth in the league is Danilo Gallinari at 57.7%)
  5. Effective Field Goal Percentage: 49.3% (2oth in the league is Kevin Garnett at 51.9%)

Here are some other reasons:

6. Matt Barnes with those same metrics:

  • Win Shares/48: .141
  • Wins Produced/48: .189
  • Usage Rate: 16.4
  • True Shooting Percentage: 54.1%
  • Effective Field Goal Percentage: 48.3%

Even though his Effective Field Goal Percentage is slightly worse, the other numbers indicate that he is a lower-volume, higher-efficiency, significantly better, cheaper option at small forward.  And Kupchak wants to surrender a first round pick for Beasley?  Aye!

7. Kobe Bryant is a Laker.

All you need to know about this is Kobe has a gawdy Usage Rate of 37.3.  Um….do you need another high-volume shooter?

8. Michael Beasley has had his issues.

I don’t know, but Beas has had his run-ins with the law, and I’m not certain that he’s rehabbed his image yet.

All in all, the Lake Show should not acquire Michael Beasley, period.


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