Deadline Deals

Here, I am going to evaluate each of the trades that were finalized during today’s NBA trade deadline.  They will be in no particular order.  The spreadsheets that I used will be avaliable here as a Microsoft Excel file at the bottom of the page.  (The spreadsheet really helps me look at the numbers, so you might want to look at it, too.)  All wins that I use are changes on my ideal depth charts, not actual minutes, so this has no bearing on what will actually happen.

Trade 1: Memphis trades SF Sam Young to Philadelphia for the draft rights to C Ricky Sanchez

Philadelphia: Sam Young is a decent player with a composite score of .048.  (Composite score is [Wins Produced/48+(Win Shares/48*1.5)]/2.5.  He is not stellar, but I would not at all mind having him as my tenth or eleventh man.  For my depth chart, I project that he would use Thaddeus Young’s 4 minutes at small forward.

Memphis: Ricky Sanchez is a pretty good center in the Argentinian league.  I do not see him coming to the NBA any time soon.  I would have Rudy Gay receive three of those minutes, and Tony Allen one.

Win Changes: Philadelphia: -.235, Memphis: +.142

Verdict: This adds to Philly’s depth plus helps Memphis clear some weight.  There really isn’t much to this deal, but I’m not really against it.  Memphis still wins because this deal allows them to play better players.

Trade 2: Toronto trades SG Leandro Barbosa to Indiana for a future second round pick.

Indiana: I have Leandro taking all of Lance Stephenson’s minutes and three of Dahntay Jones’s.  Leandro can shoot, he has experience, but he has fallen off the cliff.

Toronto: Considering that Barbosa’s been far from stellar (Composite Score of .022), I think this deal makes some sense.  Besides, you don’t have to pay him any more!  I see DeMar DeRozan and Jerryd Bayless splitting Barbosa’s minutes, with Anthony Carter taking six minutes from Bayless at the point.

Win Changes: Indiana -.080, Toronto -.078

Verdict: Toronto definitely wins it, considering that they are picking up a 2nd round pick.

Trade 3: Golden St. trades their 2012 2nd round pick to Atlanta for cash.

Verdict: Atlanta wins because they are getting a draft pick.  This deal seems really pointless unless Golden St. is in dire financial straits.

Trade 4: Cleveland trades PG Ramon Sessions and SF Christian Eyenga to the Lakers for SF Jason Kapono, SF Luke Walton, the Lakers’ 2012 1st round pick, and the right to swap the Heat and Lakers’ 2013 1st round picks.

Lakers: The Lakers finally get a real point guard (for more than one year!) and a small foward with “upside” and “athleticism”, while jettisoning two weak small forwards, including an albatross.  I have Sessions taking all of Fish and Goudelock’s minutes at the point (more on that later), as well as eight of Steve Blake’s minutes.

Cleveland: They get a 1st round pick, and snot, including an albatross deal.  Kryie takes two of Session’s minutes, the rest go to Daniel Gibson.  Kapono takes five of Gee’s minutes.  Walton gets none.

Win Changes: Lakers +.822, Cleveland -.553

Verdict: This is not a bad deal.  Cleveland’s win numbers are skewed because Kapono takes minutes away from the overworked-on-my-depth chart Alonzo Gee.  The Lakers still win because they get younger, better players for a longer period of time, but this is still a good long-term deal for Cleveland.

Trade 5: Portland trades SF Gerald Wallace to New Jersey for C Mehmet Okur, SF Shawne Williams, and a future 1st round pick.

New Jersey: Gerald Wallace is a very good player.  He will take all of Andre Emmett’s minutes, and 22 of Anthony Morrow’s.

Portland: Ouch!  They trade away a very good player for two guys who’ll probably never play for them and a 1st round pick.  Wes Matthews takes 12 of Wallace’s SF minutes, Batum takes 8, and Crawford receives 4.  Aldridge takes his PF minutes.

Win Changes: New Jersey +.593, Portland -.304

Verdict: Portland has plenty of players to replace Wallace, so this deal does not hurt them as much as it does at first glance.  However, despite the 1st round pick, I think New Jersey squeaks out the better part of this deal.

Trade 6: Portland sends C Marcus Camby to Houston for PG Jonny Flynn, C Hasheem Thabeet, and a future 2nd round pick.

Houston: Houston fleeced Portland.  I shouldn’t have been surprised as Daryl Morey is an analystical GM.  Camby will take 15 minutes from Luis Scola, 9 minutes from Patrick Patterson, and 5 minutes from Marcus Camby.

Portland: This is a very poor trade.  They sent a very good player out for two terrible players and a 2nd round pick.  How does that make sense?

Win Changes: Houston +1.552, Portland -.820

Verdict: Houston absolutely smoked Portland in this deal.  They are definitely the hands-down winner.

Trade 7: San Antonio sends SF Richard Jefferson and the Spurs’ 2012 1st round pick to Golden St. for SF Stephen Jackson

San Antonio: I thought that the Spurs’ front office was better than this!  Stephen Jackson is absolutely terrible, and they had no business trading for him.  On second thought, this allots more minutes to better players.  Maybe I spoke too soon….  Matt Bonner, Kawhi Leonard, and Danny Green each get two of Jefferson’s minutes.

Golden St.: I hope that the Warriors realize how well they were able to fleece the Spurs.  This is a job well done for the Warriors’ front office.  Jefferson will take all of Monta Ellis and Klay Thompson’s minutes (I forgot to do all of my calculations yesterday).

Win Changes: San Antonio +.186, Golden St. +.722

Verdict: This is, amazingly, a win-win, but Golden St. takes the cake both short-, long-, and medium-term.  That is, as long as Richard Jefferson doesn’t hit the wall to a subzero level and the pick doesn’t tank too dramatically.

Trade 8: Houston trades C Jordan Hill to the Lakers for PG Derek Fisher and a 2012 1st round pick.

Houston: Nice deal, but I’m not certain it’s the best.  Derek will take 5 of Lowry’s minutes and all of Lee’s time at the point.

Lakers: This is a pretty good deal for these guys.  Hill will takes 5 of Bynum’s minutes, 3 of McRobert’s minutes, Gasol’s minutes at center,  4 more of Gasol’s minutes, and 2 of Troy Murphy’s minutes.

Win Changes: Houston -.386, Lakers +.250

Verdict: The win changes should be higher becuase both players will be giving elite players more rest.  All in all, I think this deal is pretty even, depending on where that pick lands for Houston.

Trade 9: Denver trades C Nene Hilario and C Ronny Turiaf to Washington, Washington trades C JaVale McGee to Denver and SG Nick Young to the Clippers, and the Clippers trade PF Brian Cook to Denver.  Denver also acquires a draft pick.

Denver: They manage a good player for one who has been greatly underproducing.  Cool!  McGee grabs all of Nene’s minutes.

Clippers: Nick Young is an overrated ballstopper.  However, I don’t mind renting him considering how little they actually gave up.  Except for the fact that Wins Produced says he’s a sub-zero player.  Young gets 8 of Williams’s and 5 0f Foye’s minutes.

Washington: The Wiz got a great deal for the overrated ballstopper and the one guy on their team not named Booker who’s actually good but on an expiring deal.  Nene will take JaVale’s minutes, plus five more from Blatche.  Turiaf will take eight of Blatche’s minutes, too.  Maurice Evans will get 11 of Nick Young’s minutes, Jordan Crawford will get 8, Shelvin Mack will get 5, and Roger Mason will get 2.

Win Changes: Denver .459, Clippers -.530, Washington .675

Verdict: Washington wins, with Denver not far behind.


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