Valuation Comparisons

Since I have been doing my Player Valuations series, I thought it would be interesting to rank players based on how their actual salary compares to their “value” according to Composite Score.  Here they are:


  1. Kenneth Faried, Denver +$15,989,280
  2. Brendan Wright, Dallas +13,952,148
  3. Ryan Anderson, Orlando $12,335,399
  4. Cole Aldrich, Oklahoma City $11,730,000
  5. Kawhi Leonard, San Antonio +$11,024,040
  6. Jimmy Butler, Chicago +$10,859,040
  7. Jeremy Evans, Utah +$10,553,805
  8. Serge Ibaka, Oklahoma City +$10,459,800
  9. Steve Novak, New York +$9,873,611
  10. George Hill, Indiana +$9,091,507
  11. Lavoy Allen, Philadelphia +$8,862,396
  12. Ersan Ilyasova, Milwaukee +$8,739,000
  13. Kevin Love, Minnesota +$8,686,299
  14. Chris Andersen, Denver +$8,594,000
  15. Taj Gibson, Chicago +$8,440,320
  16. Jeremy Lin, New York +8,393,805
  17. Matt Barnes, Lakers +8,377,800
  18. Jodie Meeks, Philadelphia +8,253,611
  19. Kosta Koufos, Denver +$8,188,208
  20. James Jones, Miami +$8,172,000
  21. Ian Mahinmi, Dallas +$8,096,148
  22. Gustavo Ayon, New Orleans +$7,900,500
  23. Nikola Pekovic, Minnesota +$7,880,400
  24. Paul George, Indiana +$7,625,760
  25. Josh Harrellson, New York +$7,590,396


  1. Rashard Lewis, Washington -$20,644,631
  2. Kobe Bryant, Lakers -$18,476,493
  3. Chris Kaman, New Orleans -$15,556,000
  4. Brian Cook, Washington -$13,943,166
  5. Amare Stoudemire, New York -$13,177,705
  6. Tim Duncan, San Antonio -$13,124,619
  7. Carmelo Anthony, New York -$13,070,874
  8. Ben Gordon, Detroit -$12,596,000
  9. Antwan Jamison, Cleveland -$11,308,715
  10. Deron Williams, New Jersey -$10,959,805
  11. Cory Higgins, Charlotte -$10,601,604
  12. Joe Johnson, Atlanta -$10,514,573
  13. Stephen Jackson, San Antonio -$10,348,500
  14. Kevin Garnett, Boston -$10,231,044
  15. Tyrus Thomas, Charlotte -$10,221,785
  16. Andray Blatche, Washington -$10,198,083
  17. Dirk Nowitzki, Dallas -$10,188,873
  18. Lamar Odom, Dallas -$9,920,000
  19. Austin Daye, Detroit -$9,669,600
  20. Will Bynum, Detroit -$9,466,000
  21. Corey Maggette, Charlotte -$9,398,069
  22. Andrew Bogut, Golden St. -$9,036,000
  23. Nene, Washington -$8,680,000
  24. Pau Gasol, Lakers -$8,670,150
  25. Glen Davis, Orlando -$8,532,000

Correctly Valued

  1. Derek Fisher, Oklahoma City -$16,000
  2. Mike Bibby, New York -$26,389
  3. Kris Humphries, New Jersey $28,000
  4. Trevor Ariza, New Orleans -$34,640
  5. Devin Ebanks, Lakers $53,805
  6. Ekpe Udoh, Milwaukee $65,040
  7. Royal Ivey, Oklahoma City $108,000
  8. Al-Farouq Aminu, New Orleans -$115,560
  9. Rodney Stuckey, Detroit $152,000
  10. Larry Sanders, Milwaukee $154,080
  11. E’Twaun Moore, Boston $162,396
  12. Marcus Thornton, Sacramento -$172,000
  13. D.J. Augustin, Charlotte -$224,479
  14. Jason Richardson, Orlando $233,000
  15. Darius Morris, Lakers $234,396
  16. Drew Gooden, Milwaukee $265,800
  17. Iman Shumpert, New York $284,880
  18. Tyreke Evans, Sacramento $288,360
  19. Gary Forbes, Toronto $324,000
  20. James Anderson, San Antonio -$346,540
  21. Anthony Morrow, New Jersey -$376,000
  22. Anthony Parker, Cleveland -$402,000
  23. Shawn Marion, Dallas -$438,449
  24. Ray Allen, Boston -$448,000
  25. Michael Redd, Phoenix -$514,828
  26. Honorable Mention: Avery Bradley, Boston $515,520

The complete rankings are available at Valuations2.


3 thoughts on “Valuation Comparisons

  1. No Blazers?

    So my question of which team has the most bang for its buck should just come from looking at the number of players who are correctly valued, right? Am I reading the numbers in top 6 of “correctly valued” list correctly? You mean I make more as a teacher than some of them?

  2. Theoretically, the team that gets the most bang for its buck would have the most undervalued players and the least overvalued players. A way to do this would to be build your roster through the draft, as rookie contracts are “cheap”, at least compared to many NBA players of their caliber. Of course, having read a lot of Arturo Galleti’s work, this is not as easy as it sounds by any stretch.

    As for reading the numbers, those are to show how much money a player makes relative to his “value”. Obviously, my extremely basic system undervalues stars and overvalues scrubs, but still. For example, Derek Fisher, the most fairly valued player in this comparison, makes $16,000 more than my way of measuring value implies that he should. In reality, the Lakers were paying him $3,400,000 before they traded him to Houston, who bought him out. With the exception of Malcolm Thomas and Walker Russell, Jr., no NBA player who has played at least 100 minutes this season makes less than $473,604; the reason those two have lower salaries is that they signed at the minimum level after the season had already began.

    By the way, according to my system, Portland overpays its players by an aggregate total of $4,807,639. Most of this is because they traded away Gerald Wallace and Marcus Camby (two very good, fairly valued players) for draft picks and players who quite frankly have little to no business in the NBA. In other words, they sold platinum for pocket change, which really started their rebuilding project off right! (In reality, I think it’s a shame that Portland got fleeced – twice – and that Brandon Roy and Greg Oden have had so many injuries. With any luck, the Blazers could have become perennial contenders.)

  3. This is more than my brain can comprehend, but I respect all the work you have done and I’m very proud of you.

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