Background on Phillip Humber

I have heard that Phillip Humber became the third White Sox pitcher to ever throw perfect game in a nine-strikeout outing against the Mariners.  This is amazing, and we should all congratulate Humber on his historic performance.  Even posting nine strikeouts in a game is really good.  Something that I find really interesting about this is the fact that Humbe had never before thrown a complete game, let alone a no-hitter.  The twenty-nine year-old has made major league appearances every year since 2006 with the Mets, Twins, Royals, and White Sox, but last year was his first extended stay in the show.  In the previous years, he had thrown a grand total of 51 1/3 innings.  The hurler, who hails from the same city in Texas as soccer star Clint Dempsey, went 9-9 last year with a 1.18 WHIP and a 3.75 ERA.  His Win Probability Added was equal to 1.4 wins, while he posted a WAR of 3.3.  This casts him as a solid but not spectacular starter.  He wears the number 41, but he has worn three others in the big leagues.  He was drafted third overall by the Mets in 2004 out of Rice University in Houston.   In last year’s version of Out of the Park, I had used him on my largely unsuccessful Mariners squad.  (Go figure.)  I wrote this article to help us all get a glimpse into the career of perfect game hurler Phillip Humber.

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