Go Kings!

I feel psyched!  For the first time in eleven years, the Los Angeles Kings hockey teams has won a play-off series.  For the third time in four years, the President’s Cup winner has fallen in the first round to an eight seed after the Vancouver Canucks were defeated by my beloved Kings in five games.  (The President’s Cup is awarded to the team that accumulates the most points during the season.  Teams are rewarded two points for a win and one for an overtime or shootout loss.)  For the first time all season, I got around to watching my favorite team play hockey, and it was amazing.

We came back from a 1-0 deficit when Brad Richardson scored a garbage goal early in the third period, avenging a wonderful piece of teamwork created by the Sedin twins late in the first.  Throughtout the game, my nerves were tense as both teams traded short periods of dominance.  Regulation provided no winner, and I was worried.  I had a sinking feeling that if we lost that game, we drop the next two to the Canucks and blow our first 3-0 series lead in years.  Needless to say, we did not fail.  Approximately five minutes into the overtime, after both teams had let loose a barrage of shots on the opposing, seemingly indomitable goaltenders, Jarret Stoll let loose a beautiful slap shot on the break over Vancouver goalie Cory Schneider’s shoulder.  When you looked at it, you could tell that Kings fans were somewhat lucky.  For one, Schneider had turned in response to the shot, causing him to dip his shoulder.  If he had not turned, the puck could possibly have slammed into him in that general area, and who knows what would have happened then?  Furthermore, the pick hit the crossbar on the inside, directing it into the net.  Had that puck been much higher, there would have been no goal.

But when that goal scored, I was ecstatic.  I ran around and pumped my fist.  I then proceeded to vault over my sister.  Thank goodness I jumped with my legs open; otherwise, my hundred-forty pound body would have slammed straight into her face.  Not a pretty picture.  However, for that period, luck was with me; my team had won, and I did not mutilate my sister in a moment of stupidity.  Hurrah!  May we beat the Preds in the next round, too.

P.S. The Ottawa Senators are one game away from toppling the No. 1 seed in the east, the New York Rangers.  It would be amazing if both teams were knocked out in the first round.  Of course, that’s the magic of the Stanley Cup Play-offs for you!


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