2003-04 Divisional All-Star Strat-o-Matic Tourney Preview

Last month, I bought Strat-o-Matic Basketball sets for the 1997-98, 2002-03, and 2003-04 NBA seasons.  Over the past week or so, I have created all-star teams for each of the (then) four divisions, with one set based on Win Shares or Wins Produced (I don’t have WP data from before 2000) and one based on PER.  I have decided to play a round-robin tournament with the 2003-04 Wins Produced set.  Each roster has twelve players, no more than three per position, although I will admit to fudging the positions a lot.  The teams are:

  • Atlantic Division:
  • Guards: Jason Kidd (NJN), Kerry Kittles (NJN), Stephon Marbury (NYK), Tracy McGrady (ORL)
  • Forwards: Richard Jefferson (NJN), Eddie Jones (MIA), Aaron McKie (PHI), Lamar Odom (MIA), Kenny Thomas (PHI)
  • Centers: Mark Blount (BOS), Kwame Brown (WSH), Samuel Dalembert (PHI)
  • Central Division:
  • Guards: Chauncey Billups (DET), Reggie Miller (IND), Michael Redd (MIL), Bob Sura (ATL)
  • Forwards: Carlos Boozer (CLE), P.J. Brown (NOH), Donyell Marshall (TOR), Tayshaun Prince (DET), Keith Van Horn (MIL), Jerome Williams (CHI)
  • Centers: Jeff Foster (IND), Ben Wallace (DET)
  • Midwest Division:
  • Guards: Sam Cassell (MIN), Manu Ginobli (SAS), Fred Hoiberg (MIN), Andre Miller (DEN), Cuttino Mobley (HOU), Steve Nash (DAL)
  • Forwards: Kevin Garnett (MIN), Antwan Jamison (DAL), Andrei Kirilenko (UTA), James Posey (MEM)
  • Centers: Marcus Camby (DEN), Tim Duncan (SAS)
  • Pacific Division:
  • Guards: Brent Barry (SEA), Mike Bibby (SAC), Kobe Bryant (LAL), Doug Christie (SAC), Gary Payton (LAL)
  • Forwards: Elton Brand (LAC), Mike Dunleavy (GSW), Shawn Marion (PHX), Peja Stojakovic (SAC)
  • Centers: Erick Dampier (GSW), Brad Miller (SAC), Shaquille O’Neal (LAL)

Each team has at least one representative, except for Portland.  I am using the majority of the expert rules, as well as some rules that I found while I was cleaning my desk last week.  Unfortunately, I don’t know where that latter set came from, so I cannot redirect you to them.  While I was playing my first game, I forgot about time-out rules, so I will not use them for the duration of the tournament.  It is a round-robin, three games, with the team with the top record winning.  The tiebreaker will be the result between the two teams.  I am assuming that this game is being held at Madison Square Garden in New York, so all teams will play as the “home” team unless they are playing against the Atlantic Division’s squad.  I will use the defensive cards of the team that sent the most players for that all-star division squad, with the tiebreaker being team record.  Therefore, I am using the defense cards of New Jersey, Detroit, Minnesota, and Sacramento.  I am using a fastbreak offense for all teams.  At the end of each “matchday” of two games, I will post here, no more than two posts in one day.  Thank you for reading, and please comment.


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