I’m Sure Jackie Robinson Could Relate: The Stupidity of the Sports Death Threat

couple of days ago, a minor story in the sports world concerned Washington Redskins WR Josh Morgan receiving death threats via Twitter for his 15-yard penalty that quite likely cost the ‘Skins the game.  However, apart from death threats being rude, disturbing, and just plain wrong, the fact that the is receiving these death threats is a sign of big-time stupidity on the part of the senders.  Here’s why:

For one, Twitter accounts are not untraceable-far from it.  It is not that hard to find out who someone is on the internet in a matter of minutes-even subtle hints can give a person’s identity away.  If you do stuff on the internet, people can find out who you are.

For another, one play does not define a game.  There have been well-written pieces describing how “clutchness” is a small part of the game that is not much more important than any other point.  Sure, Josh Morgan made a big-time stupid mistake that cost his team 15 yards and prevented them from taking a game-tying field goal of a reasonable length.  While not inconsequential, if his team had played just a bit better, or worse for that matter, they would not have been in a situation where a field goal would have had such a great bearing on the game.

Finally, athletes are people are too.  Seriously, if you saw Josh Morgan walking down the street (if you could actually recognize him), would you really threaten him?  Would you actually try to kill him?  No, probably not; you would recognize him as a fellow human being.  Just because someone is a celebrity on a big stage doesn’t mean that they don’t feel emotions in a human way.  Think before you write, post, etc.

I, and many of you I’m sure, cannot possibly picture yourself sending a person a death threat.  I get that.  However, people do crazy, stupid things like that all the time.  Based on my recent history, nobody is every going to read this article, let someone who has ever sent a death threat, but I am writing this article simply because it should probably be written.  Thank you for reading, please comment, and please come back.

P.S. For my ten followers, I apologize for not writing in two-and-a-half weeks.  It’s not that I haven’t had any ideas or that I’ve been super busy, I just haven’t sat down and put the ideas that I have into WordPress.


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