Revisiting My Lakers Free Agent Targets Article

Back on August 21, I wrote an article about cheap, unheralded players who I hoped that the Lakers would take a chance.  Shockingly, none of them have sniffed the Lakers’ roster.  (I apologize, but I have a bad feeling that this post will be brimming with sarcasm.  Consider that in six months, I barely have 400 all-time views.)  When I was talking to my uncle over the weekend, he reminded me of this fact, and I decided to revisit the article.  I decided to look up all fourteen targets, and here is where they are now.  The players are listed in the same order that they were in the original article:

  • Scott Machado: Machado signed with the Rockets’ summer league team originally, and he made the final cut.  However, through three games, the Iona product has yet to see the floor.
  • Jesse Sanders: This is about to get snarky.  Apparently, Jesse Sanders was so confident in his ability to get signed by an NBA team that he promised his services to Fileni BPA Jesi, a team in the Italian second division, five days before the July Moratorium even started.  The Legadue Basket has such a high profile that four of its fifteen members don’t even have their own Wikipedia page.  I doubt that he will ever, ever, ever play for an NBA team, and quite frankly it’s his own fault.  He really needs to fire his agent right about now.
  • Tracy McGrady: We all know that he signed with the Qingdao Eagles in China, meaning that he will be adored by thousands of cheering Chinese who expect him to score something like forty points per game.  I don’t think I’m exaggerating; have fun with that.
  • Derrick Brown: Unlike some of the other players on this list, Brown didn’t do too bad for himself.  After being a training camp casualty with the Spurs, he signed with Russian club PBC Lokomotiv-Kuban on Halloween, where his teammates will include Nick Calathes, former NBA player and current scrub Lionel Chalmers, and Olympians Aleks Maric (Australia), Simas Jasaitis (Lithuania), and Ali Traore (France).  Not bad, but no word on how much he’ll play,
  • Alonzo Gee: Gee re-signed with Cleveland, where he’s the starting small forward.  Again, not bad.  Not bad at all.
  • Dominic McGuire: A September pick-up by Toronto, he’s played eleven minutes in Toronto’s first three games.  At least he’s in the NBA.  Nah; he could probably make more money in Europe.
  • Matt Barnes: Even when I wrote the article, I knew he wasn’t coming back.  What I didn’t know is that he was crossing town for another stint with the rival Clippers.  [Shakes head in dismay and disgust.]
  • Josh Childress: He signed with New Jersey-I mean Brooklyn-for the minimum salary.  Didn’t play in the season opener.  Hope he didn’t lose anything important during Hurricane Sandy.
  • Ken Horton: Like Sanders, Horton managed to slip under my radar and had already signed for a second-division team.  In fact, he managed to do even better for himself than the Liberty point guard, he signed for Boulogne in France’s second division, where eight of the eighteen teams do not have their own Wikipedia page.  What’s French for, “Ay carramba!”?
  • Erick Dampier: As far as I know, nobody even contacted this thirty-seven year-old center.  Too bad; productivity was a possibility.
  • Ivan Johnson: Johnson returned to the Hawks.  Two games, one appearance, twelve minutes.  Nice.
  • Shelden Williams: Williams signed a deal with French first-division club Elan Chalon.  Considering that Elan has already signed the illustrious Marcus Denmon, San Antonio’s lone pick in this year’s draft, I would say that they have really stuck their nose into the “undervalued” market.
  • Josh Harrellson: He signed with Miami in September, and has played in all of two minutes for them in three games.
  • Jerome Jordan: After being waived by Memphis on the twenty-seventh, the Jamaican is a free agent.

In addition to these players, I posted a shortlist of desirable players who I knew had already signed contracts.  Of these players, Kevin Jones, a rookie power forward from West Virginia, was cut by Cleveland last Monday, making him a free agent.  Let’s hope that the Lake Show take on a chance on this guy; he’s bound to be better than Antawn Jamison.  Thank you for reading, please comment, and please come back.


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