Mission Statement

I am not going to explain statistical analysis to you.  I am not going to explain the science behind Wins Produced.  I am not going to tell you how “sick” so-and-so’s crossover is.  I’m just not; that’s not my job.

I can’t do a regression analysis (except in a really old version of SPSS), but I can read part of one.  I don’t perfectly understand the math behind correlations, but I know what they mean.  I know they work.

The point of this WordPress site is to provide an outlet for a passion of mine: the sabermetrics of sports, particularly basketball, and that hopefully people will enjoy my work.  I stumbled upon Wins Produced while researching-who woulda thunk it-Player Efficiency Rating (PER) about a year ago (December 2011/January 2012).  One of the first articles I read was about how the Toronto Raptors were performing worse in the young lock-out season when Andrea Bargnani was absent.  At the time, I didn’t realize the irony behind that post.  I soon learned.  I haven’t gone back since.

Everything I write about will be trends I notice, players I notice, things I hope for, things I imagine, and stuff like that.  Early on, I wrote a quote segment every week or two, but I won’t do that any more unless somebody actually reads them and asks me to continue them.  They were interesting but pretentious, and my goal is not to be pretentious, because boy am I like that enough in real life.  Again, that’s not my goal.

This is my blog in every way, shape, and form.  I cannot say exactly when I will post new articles, so I recommend that you follow the site.  (Besides, it makes me feel important when I know people give at least token consideration to what I have to say.)  Thank you.




One thought on “Mission Statement

  1. Bobby – I finally spent some time with your writing. Your mission statement is impressive – and we make the best impressions when we are not trying to impress. I wish I enjoyed the NBA more, so I could follow your points. When I have a few moments, I will enjoy what I can, and I think that it is wonderful that you love this analysis so much. -matt

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